Hennessey to Retain Chairmanship of House Aging and Older Adult Services Committee

Serving ninth term in the House 

Rep. Tim Hennessey (R-Chester) today announced that he will remain as chairman of the House Aging and Older Adult Services Committee as the 195th Session of the House of Representatives begins this month. 

“It’s a privilege to return to Harrisburg, and I am pleased that I will get to continue my advocacy for our seniors,” said Hennessey. “The task at hand will be getting control of our financial health as a Commonwealth in the face of a $4 billion deficit, and still continue to provide quality services for our residents. This will certainly not be easy, but I will work hard to forge bipartisan agreements on our major issues. We can, and must do this work together for the benefit of all of our citizens.” 

Hennessey said the changes that voters have brought about in state government will lead to a continued drive to bring about reform, and the change in the governor’s office will also be an aid to those efforts. 

“The fact that we’ll have a Republican majority in the House and a new governor brings a renewed promise of fiscal accountability, which is sorely needed following the trend toward late and bloated budgets that we saw in the past few years,” said Hennessey. “I think we will see a new sense of purpose among lawmakers and the governor to make our government more open and accountable.” 

State Representative Tim Hennessey
26th District, Pennsylvania House of Representatives

Contact: Raymond Smith  

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