Hennessey will Chair House Aging and Older Adult Services Committee
Rep. Tim Hennessey (R-Coatesville) was recently appointed to serve as the Republican chairman of the House Aging and Older Adult Services Committee, a position he hopes to use to help older Pennsylvanians across the commonwealth.
“Pennsylvania has a vibrant and healthy community of older people,” Hennessey said. “The Aging and Older Adult Services Committee’s work will affect – either now or in the future – the majority of Pennsylvanians. We may not all be older Pennsylvanians today, but we’re all headed in that direction.”
Pennsylvania ranks third in the nation behind Florida and West Virginia in the percentage of people age 60 and older. By the year 2020, it is estimated that one in every four Pennsylvanians will be 60 or older. Pennsylvania also has the largest percentage or “rural elderly” citizens in the country.
Hennessey wants to focus on streamlining government services for older Pennsylvanians, to make them less confusing.
“We have a number of different programs for older Pennsylvanians, and just about every program has its own set of eligibility guidelines and formulas,” Hennessey said. “I’d like to see us standardize some of those requirements while protecting the revenue streams for the programs. It sure would make those programs a lot more customer-friendly and easier to understand.”
Hennessey, who is an attorney and served in the past on the House Judiciary Committee, has experience working with issues that affect older Pennsylvanians.
“I have worked with older adults through my law practice to set up wills, process estates and protect their interests,” Hennessey said. “The judiciary committee has dealt with powers of attorney and guardianship issues in the past, so I’m familiar with some of the key issues affecting our older citizens.”

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January 24, 2007