Hennessey Votes Against Bloated State Spending Plan
Says new programs and increased spending is a recipe for a tax increase
The state House today passed a budget bill that calls for more than $27 billion in spending and would transfer the costs of operating the Department of Aging from the General Fund budget to the state Lottery Fund. Hennessey voted against the spending plan.
“It’s wrong to raid the lottery to pay for bureaucracy,” Hennessey said. “The cost of running the department shouldn’t be placed on the shoulders of our senior citizens. They don’t want to have their money spent on operational expenses.”
The spending plan proposed by Gov. Ed Rendell that was adopted today by the House calls for $8.2 million in funding for the Department of Aging to be off-loaded from the General Fund and instead would be paid for through the Lottery Fund.
In addition, Hennessey opposed the spending plan because it calls for a 7.4 percent increase in spending.
On Tuesday, House Republicans offered a comprehensive budget amendment that would have funded existing programs, provided increased funding for priority programs and limited overall spending growth to less than 2 percent. That amendment was defeated on essentially a party-line vote.
“This spending plan stands in stark contrast to the Republican alternative we tried to have approved on Tuesday,” Hennessey said. “Our proposal would have funded Pennsylvania’s priorities without increasing taxes. The budget passed today by House Democrats calls for a lot of new programs and a lot more spending. That’s a recipe for a tax increase, and it’s a bad idea.”
The budget passed today by the House now heads to the Senate for its consideration.
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