Hennessey Applauds Governor's Promise of Half-Million Dollars in State Financial Help for Coatesville
Following Gov. Ed Rendell’s announcement on Wednesday during his annual budget address that the state will provide $500,000 to help victims affected by the string of fires in Coatesville and support law enforcement personnel’s attempts to catch the perpetrators, Rep. Tim Hennessey (R-Coatesville) sent the governor a letter thanking him and calling Rendell a “good friend” of Coatesville.
“It’s important for local people to know that state officials – the governor and lawmakers from both parties in the House and Senate – are working together to do our part to help the people in Coatesville,” Hennessey said.
Rendell announced the $500,000 will be provided through the Pennsylvania Commission on Crime and Delinquency (PCCD) and the Department of Community and Economic Development (DCED). 
Hennessey has firsthand knowledge about the wealth of services offered by PCCD. Last week, the lawmaker invited members of the PCCD Office of Victims’ Services (OVS) to work out of his district office in Coatesville to offer help to victims of the fires.
OVS staff members were at Hennessey’s district office to help the arson victims apply for aid through the Victims Compensation Assistance Program (VCAP). VCAP helps victims of crime in Pennsylvania with expenses related to the criminal offense. Eligible expenses include medical costs, counseling, loss of earnings, loss of support, stolen cash benefit, relocation expenses, crime scene cleanup and funeral expenses. Victims must meet eligibility requirements to apply for the program.
“While we’re relying on law enforcement professionals to track down the criminals, my office is doing our part to help the victims through this difficult time,” Hennessey said. “We all have a part to play in this. From the governor and state lawmakers to local elected officials, law enforcement personnel and local residents, we all need to do our job. At the state level, we’re providing funding and assistance. Federal authorities and local police are working to catch the criminals. And, local residents can do their own part by being vigilant and reporting suspicious behavior.”
More information about the PCCD and VCAP may be obtained by visiting pccd.state.pa.us.
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