Attorney General Defends Pennsylvanians Rights in Filing Suit Against Federal Health Care Legislation, says Hennessey

Rep. Tim Hennessey (R-Coatesville) today announced his support of the effort of Attorney General Tom Corbett to join with other states in filing suit against the new federal health care law, which was signed by the president. 

“I’ve been a supporter of health care and insurance reform for many years, but I believe forcing citizens to purchase insurance from private corporations under the threat of government fines is the wrong way to go,” said Hennessey. “Does the government force anyone to buy a computer, or a new car? That is the reason for this action.” 

Corbett is joining attorneys general from a growing list of states in pursuing litigation against the federal government on the grounds that the new health care law violates the 10th Amendment, and that the supremacy clause does not apply in this issue. 

Hennessey says he is a co-sponsor of state legislation called the Health Care Freedom Act, which is contained in two bills, House Bill 2053 from Rep. Matt Baker (R-Bradford/Tioga) and House Bill 2179 from Rep. Curt Schroder (R-Chester), that will allow Pennsylvanians to opt out of a federally mandated health care plan, protect individual rights to pay directly for medical services, and prohibit penalties for not purchasing bureaucratically-approved health insurance. People would be free to buy insurance as they need and can afford. 

“Our rights as citizens should not be threatened by the power of the federal government,” said Hennessey. “The issue of quality health care should be handled within the framework of our Constitution. The people of Pennsylvania, and the nation, should not have to fear retribution from government for failing to purchase a product. There is a better way.” 

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