May. 26, 2021

HARRISBURG – On Tuesday, the Commonwealth Financing Authority (CFA) approved two Pennsylvania Blight Remediation grants in Pottstown, according to Rep. Tim Hennessey, (R-Chester/Montgomery).

“Blight is not only unsightly, it poses health and safety hazards in our communities and hampers economic development,” said Hennessey. “I am pleased to announce the CFA has awarded two state grants to address specific blighted properties in Pottstown.

Pottstown Area Industrial Development, Inc. is receiving a $97,542 grant to demolish two structures in Pottstown Borough that were donated to the YWCA in 2015.

“The structures, deteriorated by long-term water damage, have been a magnet for squatters and vandals,” said Hennessey. “It was determined that neither structure could be easily rehabilitated and do not fit into the current or future programming needs of the YWCA.”

The project will include demolition, environmental cleanup, permitting and administration costs. The YWCA will contribute $10,838 in matching funds.

“The second blight remediation grant was awarded to the Borough of Pottstown to rehabilitate a residential property that presents a danger to the community,” said Hennessey. “The structure is one half of a duplex, so renovation is necessary to preserve the structural integrity of the adjoining unit.”

The $28,000 grant will be used for renovation, partial demolition, fees and administration costs. The borough will provide $3,250 in matching funds.

The CFA is an independent agency of the Pennsylvania Department of Community and Economic Development (DCED), which administers the Commonwealth’s economic stimulus packages and holds fiduciary responsibility over the funding of programs and investments in Pennsylvania’s economic growth.

Representative Tim Hennessey
26th Legislative District
Pennsylvania House of Representatives

Media Contact: Donna Pinkham